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Training By The Best In The Patrol & Detection K9 Business.


Our patented "Active Shooter Response Program" ensures that our K9s will react immediately to a situation and in the right direction. Certified Skool Dogs take a proactive approach by being trained to detect many different scents… especially the odor of firearms and ammunition inside or outside any type of facility.

Our Credentials Make Us Some Of The Top K9 Dog Trainers In The Country.


Founder of Skool Dogs, Joseph “Joe Nick” Nicholas

  • 30 Years Military, Police, Corrections and Canine Training

  • Developed NJ Prison’s Canine Cell Phone Detection Program

  • Developed NJ Attorney General’s Canine Planning, Training

  • Retired NJ Dept of Corrections Canine Trainer

  • Drug Lab Awareness & Recognition Expert


Co-Founder And Managing Partner, Brandon F. Womack

- Instructor Level Certifications In: 

  • Defensive Tactics

  • Spontaneous Knife Defense

  • Ground Avoidance

  • Sexual Harassment Assault

  • Rape Prevention

  • Professional Rescue

- Certifications in Management Of:

  • Aggressive Behavior

  • Active Shooter

  • Public Events Safety Planning

Safety, Security & Criminal Justice Degrees


Master Instructor & Senior Advisor, Asa W. Anderson III

- Retired NJ State Police LT - 30 Yrs

  • 17 Years NJ State Police Supervising Canine Trainer

  • Narcotics, Accelerant, Explosive Scent Detection

  • Developed NJ State Police Canine Patrol Training Program

  • Trained Over 1000 Police Canine Teams

  • USPCA Police Canine National Standard Judge

Skool Dogs & The Detection K9s We Train Are Always Prepared.

  • K9 Patrol & Detection Dogs

  • Security Planning Implementation

  • Group Speaking Engagements

  • Emergency Action Plans

  • Active Shooting Response Training


We Start Training Them Early To Become Professional Detection K9s.


At Skool Dogs, training starts when the dog is just a puppy. We test their personalities and carefully select those who are more alert, calm, obedient and smart. Once a puppy is chosen, the actual training starts. At this young age, they will be trained to sit, stay, come and lay down on command, both when on and off a leash. Constant evaluations will be made and only those who pass the test will graduate and move on to the next round of training.

Contact Us To Learn More About How To Obtain A Patrol And Detection K9 From Skool Dogs.
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