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All The Training & Support You Need To Handle A K9 Skool Dog Properly.

Handling Training


Design & Implementation


When you obtain a patrol and detection K9 from Skool Dogs, we can assist you with all of the support services you’ll need to correctly and successfully run a K9 security program. Our highly trained and certified staff will visit you, survey the area and create a plan of action to fit your needs. We will teach you the proper techniques on how to handle a patrol and detection canine and help with a security plan of action that you can follow.

Specially Trained Detection K9s Are Not Just Delivered.


When Skool Dogs deploys a K9 to a client, we come prepared. Not with just a security dog, but with a plan. A plan that includes educating those who will be in contact with the dog and a plan of action that will maximize the security potential.

Training Handlers To Properly Work With Their Patrol & Detection Dog. 

A trained detection canine can bring value to many types of organizations. Our detection dog handling training will give you the education and confidence to handle a Skool Dog correctly. We will work with you to a point where we all feel confident in proceeding with the security program.


K9 Handling Training Includes:

  • Obedience

  • Detection

  • Scent Theory

  • Validation 

K9 Planning Design Includes:

  • Perimeter Surveying

  • Patrol Patterns

  • Possible Breaches

Contact Skool Dogs so we can help you implement a patrol and detection dog with minimal disruption to your daily schedule and operations. 

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