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Everyone Deserves A Trained Security & Detection K9 From Skool Dogs.


Every parent, grand parent, child, teacher and everyone else associated with any school system will be more comfortable knowing there is a trained detection K9 team from Skool Dogs on the property. Our K9s are always present and can help everyone stay safe physically and give them peace of mind mentally. Our certified detection K9s respond immediately, and in the right direction to the sound of gunfire and the scent of gun powder and then engage the potential shooter. 

  • German Shepherds

  • Doberman Pinschers

  • Labrador Retrievers

  • Bloodhounds & More

Skool Dogs Primarily Trains Belgian Malinois But Also Trains:

Breeds That Skool Dogs Trains To Be Detection & Security K9s

The detection K9s that we primarily train are Belgian Malinois. When it comes to security work, they have a very high drive, an eagerness to please and willing to protect their owner an those who are not a threat.

For A Patrol & Detection K9, We Recommend The Athleticism Of A Mal.

They are extremely athletic and protective and make excellent detection canines. They are so athletic that if trained properly can even walk across a tightrope or climb a tree. They are absolutely fearless and will leap into an attack even if they are physically outmatched. They have a single-minded focus on their work, are less likely to be distracted and have fewer health problems.

The Challenge: Protect Schools 

The Solution: Skool Dogs


The Newest Layer In Protecting School Kids.


Our Detection K9s Can Safely Be Released Into A Crowd. 

Skool Dogs trains detection and patrol K9s to have extreme self-control but can zero in on a target when needed. This means they can be released in a crowd and safely take down a target.


They also have an extremely high energy and a never-ending work drive that allows them to patrol or detect for long periods of time. Skool Dogs are willing to patrol all day long and they are always happy and enthusiastic about performing detection and security work.

Skool Dogs is the 1st company to ever deploy a school safety and detection dog.

I Protect 800 Students and Faculty Staff.

Meet Meadow. Our 1st Detection & Security K9.

Skool Dogs is the 1st company to introduce a school safety and detection dog. And Meadow was the first K9 dog to graduate the Academy.


She was deployed to Cumberland County Technical Education Center in New Jersey. Meadow is very special because she was named after Meadow Pollack, a victim in the Parkland, FL school shooting.

Steve Manera, handler and Meadow are the first K-9 team in the state to work full-time and perform campus safety and security duties on a high school or college campus.


Meet Sailor, a trained detection K9 that provides an extra layer of security protection.


The Garaway Local School District in Sugarcreek, OH purchased a detection and security K9 from Skool Dogs named Sailor. Sailor is a deterrent because people know he can take out a shooter. He can detect guns and ammunition in the building. If a shooting happens, Sailor will respond in a way that humans can’t.


Sailor is trained to go full force at a shooter and take them down by the arm where the weapon is held. Sailor is there solely to protect the kids in the school. Jason Wallick, a recently-appointed district school safety official and former school teacher is Sailor’s handler.


The Village School of Naples is the first in Florida with a security and detection K-9 on campus. Meet Colby.


Colby has become the newest employee of The Village School, paired with school resource officer Daniel Bledsoe. Colby detects firearms, ammunition, gun powder and black powder. Adorable as she may be, Colby is the fastest response to an active shooter.


“Safety is our top priority, and to have the opportunity to be able to add Officer Colby to our security team was something we couldn’t pass up,” said Dennis Chapman, head of The Village School.

View Videos About Detection K9s From Skool Dogs.

Joe Nick, Skool Dogs Founder Speaks About K9 Meadow At Cumberland County TEC.


Skool Dogs Securing The Nations Schools With Security & Detection K9s


Active Shooter Demo Of Skool Dogs Security K9

The Village School Gets Florida’s 1st Campus Detection K-9


Skool Dogs Active Shooter Response And Detection K9


Skool Dogs was created on the idea of protecting our children while they are attending school. Our patented "Active Shooter Response Program" ensures that our K9s will react immediately to a situation and in the right direction. Add a serious layer to your school safety. Add a Skool Dog. Nice to kids, mean to intruders. And we are the top trainers specializing in supplying patrol and detection K9s for schools throughout the country.

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